About this Starter Kit

After a long time, please welcome our updated Starter Kit for Umbraco version 8.9.1+.

Well, let's just call it "kit" since it's not a "starter" thing any more :)


Known features from previous version:

  • Global scripts (head, body start, body end)
  • Open Graph and Meta tags for all pages
  • Default OG type for all pages if OG type field is empty
  • Infer OG Description and OG Title from specific property aliases (if present on a page)
  • Copy OG data to Meta data if empty
  • Ability to add the site name as suffix to all browser titles
  • Customizable logo and Favicon
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Automatic or manual setup of navigation menu
  • Hide or show breadcrumbs option
  • Custom titles for menus, browser, breadcrumb, in-page and title override per page
  • Redirect a page to its first sub-page or another site page


A lot of new features have been added in this version!


  • Support for multiple cultures using Umbraco's new variants functionality


  • All sections are now Block Elements
  • Ability to disable a block element (similar to unpublish in normal nodes)
  • Section pickers use custom preview images (not very useful, but fancy!)
  • Sections containing collections of items show number of items they contain in the Block List interface
  • Animations, paddings and margins and other common settings for each section in the Settings area


  • Responsive images (almost) anywhere, even when background images are used (with focal point preservation).
  • Support for 2x, 3x densities and a maximum image size to be rendered on the front end to avoid huge images for large resolutions
  • Customizable dynamic responsive image generation via config file

Open Graph and Meta tags:

  • Inheritable Open Graph properties for all pages with the option to inherit only specific OG tag values to child pages
  • Default OG tags for all pages
  • Url and Language Meta Tag creation option
  • Custom Meta tags and Http-Equiv tags per page
  • Use OG image from default language (if empty) option


  • Global scripts can now have names and be categorized as Marketing, Statistics, or Essential depending on the type of cookies they emit (if any)
  • Per-page scripts in addition to global site scripts

Product list (new content functionality):

  • New Products List section with image-based custom product list in the back office, featuring 2,3, and 4-column layouts, custom currency, discounted prices, hide prices option, customizable number of products per page.
  • New Product Pages with customizable attributes and image list

Cookie consent:

  • Customizable Cookie Consent popup with the option to accept all cookies or load only essential cookies

New back office functionality:

  • Option to customize daily login messages and login background image from within Umbraco
  • Option to create a custom introductory dashboard from within the Umbraco back office
  • Ability to automatically hide unpublished variants from content tree in the back office and right-click option to toggle between hiding and showing

Blog updates:

  • New blog article list layout with 2,3, or 4 columns and option to have sidebar on left or right
  • RSS discovery Url in metas
  • Configurable number of RSS items

Site Search:

  • New Site Search interface based on Examine
  • Customizable Indexer use for search
  • Per-page option to exclude a single page or a whole hierarchy of pages from search results


  • Automatically populated XML sitemap pages with per-page option to exclude a single page or a whole hierarchy from the sitemap.
  • Per-page sitemap priority setting
  • Option for automatically created Site Map Index page


  • Option to redirect a page to its first sub-page, another site page, or an external URL, as Permanent or Temporary
  • Ability to swap current font with a Google Font (for testing and preview purposes)
  • Ability to enable/disable the loading animation for pages
  • Default site-wide section padding and margins for desktop, mobile, and extra small mobile screens
  • Inheritable header image and (optionally) titles for sub pages when they don't have their own header
  • Custom 404 page
  • Google invisible ReCaptcha integration for contact forms

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